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Tuesday, Sep. 14, 2021


Friday, Dec. 31, 2021

September SERCY happened on September 14, National Sober Day. To recognize the individuals who are working hard (and sometimes are very alone in their journey), we stopped by Open Arms Recovery Center with some homemade cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bread and Panera coffee for their support groups this morning.

What a wonderful organization that we have in our community, dedicated to helping people, educating about sobriety and statistics, and encouraging healthy living and loving, supportive relationships.

Check them out:

Open Arms Recovery Center opened in July 2016 by cofounders Diane Sponseller and Christina Martinez. Open Arms is an outpatient substance abuse facility that offers evaluations, individual and group counseling. We have DUI/First Offender Groups, men groups, Intensive Recovery groups, regular outpatient groups, relapse prevention groups and women groups.

We are contracted with Gateway to provide a Pathway Program for pregnant and postpartum women and with a grant from the Department of Drug and Alcohol are able to provide aftercare services for the Pathway Program.

We support each client on their choice of their path to recovery – if they choose MAT (medication assistance treatment), we work with two doctors – Dr. Susan Peck and Dr. Gary Nalavany to provide Suboxone, Subutex, Sublocade and Vivitrol.

Tuesdays we have an AA meeting each week and on the third Thursday of each month, we offer Bri’s Hope – a support group for parents and loved ones

Our staff is amazing and all will go above and beyond to assist and help not only the clients but their families. We help clients apply for medical assistance, help obtain employment, help in finding a primary care physician, assist with same day dental emergencies, housing, along with helping to find mental health services, detox services, and inpatient facilities.

If you or a loved one is in need of our services, please reach out – we are available 24/7 through our FB page and by phone Monday-Thursday 8:30am-6:30pm and Fridays 8:30am – 3pm.